Quality Assurance

KAS Operations Personnel consistently evaluate the performance of its associates and, should a situation occur in which the customer does not receive the level of performance expected, KAS will take prompt action to counsel or replace that candidate.

To ensure “The Perfect Match”, THE KAS GUARANTEE to each and every customer and placement means:

KAS is committed to timely service; it will respond to every customer’s request within a reasonable amount of time.

The professionals at KAS are on call to assist employers and employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

KAS is committed to quality service; each KAS employee has undergone a comprehensive evaluation, assessment and (when applicable) reference check specifically to ensure client satisfaction.

KAS is an equal opportunity employer that maintains a policy of non-discrimination with respect to all employees and applicants. All applicants are considered without regard to race, colour, sex, religion, national origin, age, physical or mental challenge or marital status.

During the course of an candidate’s placement, KAS Operations Personnel will:

make a personal visit or telephone call follow-up on the second morning of the assignment to ensure that the quality and quantity of work being produced has met the expectations of the client’s supervisors; and

on long-term assignments, KAS will check with the client by phone each week to determine if attendance and performance continue to meet expectations.

KAS absorbs the cost of advertising and recruiting its employees. These costs are not billed to either the employer or employee.

KAS surveys the business community quarterly to determine prevailing wages; KAS guarantees to its associates a wage structure competitive with that received by regular part-time or full-time employees, as may be the case.

KAS maintains a comprehensive line of insurance coverage to provide financial security for both its clients and its candidates.

KAS maintains complete workers’ compensation coverage for all employees

KAS oversees and remits all payroll deductions as may be required federally or provincially.