Submit a Workplace Safety & Health Concern

  • “Driven by Higher Standards”

    In order to maintain higher standards, and as part of our commitment to Safety and Compliance, TransForce encourages all of our employees to communicate any safety concerns. If you choose, submissions may remain anonymous, however, we encourage you to provide enough detail so that we have enough information to investigate and resolve any concerns.

    **To report an emergency or imminent life threatening situation, please dial 911 or contact your branch office immediately.

    **In order to fully investigate each matter, complete and accurate information about the worksite is necessary.

  • (location in which your concern is regarding ie: ABC Trucking)
  • (describe briefly the hazard(s) or concern(s) you believe exist)
  • (specify the particular building, location, or worksite where the hazard exists)
  • (not required)
  • (not required)

  • All submissions will be investigated in a timely fashion. It is unlawful to make any false statement or misrepresentation of safety concerns.











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