Young Worker Awareness Quiz


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  • 1) Workers in Ontario have three basic rights when it comes to health and safety. Which of the following is not one of your rights? * Required
  • 2) The number one cause of injury to young workers is: * Required
  • 3) If you are injured on the job, the first thing you should do is: * Required
  • 4) True or false: Your boss can fire you for refusing to perform unsafe work. * Required
  • 5) Most on-the-job injuries to young people take place in which industry? * Required
  • 6) True or false: People who work in offices don't have to worry about workplace health and safety. * Required
  • 7) You have to play your part too if you want to work safely. Which of the following are among your responsibilities? * Required
  • 8) True or false: Your boss is required by law to train you if you are exposed or likely to be exposed to a hazardous substance. * Required
  • 9) True or false: Young workers have faster reflexes, so they are less likely to be hurt on the job. * Required
  • 10) If you have a question about health and safety at work, you can talk to: * Required











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